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Campus Health Solutions

College Friends

Health care is essential today more than ever.

Colleges and universities need bold innovation backed by data to help their students and campuses thrive. We integrate a total campus approach to student health insurance with comprehensive services to achieve superior physical, behavioral, mental and academic results for your students and employees.

Your institution will experience reduced administrative burden, better efficiency,

lower costs and increased plan engagement.

Campus Blog

monthly blog posts and podcast episodes 

We believe in providing educational and relatable content that can positively impacts students, their plans and programs.

Working on Laptop

A better student health experience.

How we navigate the campus health landscape to create a better student care experience.

HUB I HORAN Campus Health Solutions partners with colleges and universities to offer high-value student insurance plans at a fair price, create awareness of services and health resources available to students, and reduce the overall administrative burden.


Local Expertise Combined with North American Power

Joining HUB provides boundaryless resources, tools and specialists - expanding our capabilities to meet clients’ expanding and complex needs.​  

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